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Stock Purchase Plan

Tompkins Financial Corporation shareholders enjoy greater efficiency and convenience in their transactions thanks to our association with Equiniti Trust Company, LLC (formerly AST).  Shares of TMP Common Stock can be purchased through Equiniti’s web site.

Equiniti's site will also allow direct debits from participants' checking or savings accounts for purchases of TMP common stock. The site will process address changes, issuance of certificates, account history, current share balance, share sales, or termination of participation in the Plan. Participants may reinvest cash dividends or elect to have dividends deposited directly into their checking or savings account through electronic funds transfer.

A booklet, "Tompkins Financial Corporation Stock Purchase Plan (Prospectus)", carries all the particulars. It is available at or by contacting Shareholder Relations by e-mail at or by phone at (607) 274-7299 or toll-free (888) 503-5753 for a copy.

Additionally, Tompkins Shareholders have access to our toll free dedicated support line at Equiniti: 877-573-4008.  The support team at Equiniti is trained to assist with a wide range of Shareholder requests and inquiries.