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Corporate Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create long term value for our clients, communities and shareholders by delivering integrated, personalized financial solutions.

Our Core Values

For more than 185 years, a set of core values has consistently driven our company. These values define our beliefs, who we are, and how we do business.


We operate with honesty, respect and fairness.  We do what we say we are going to do.

Commitment to the Client

We make life easier for our clients by providing personalized, high quality, financial solutions.

Commitment to the Community

We uphold a commitment to the economic and social vitality of our shared communities.

Commitment to Long-term Shareholder Value

We are a quality organization delivering high quality results and profitability.


Our employees are empowered to help clients achieve their financial goals. Decisions are made at the appropriate level.

Commitment to and from Employees

We believe in employee development and teamwork as contributing to organizational success.